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Back again

I cant remember the last time i was 0n wordpress. but ah well, just a quick random post to say hi. See how everyone is doing and maybe change some things on my blog, etc. etc. Have a shyguy :3


New art work and some old…

On my art page (here) and i’ll up load some here too… Names (old): Scythe (main character), Spyder (story character), Photeacyious (a plant for healing and other uses), Thanks (a random thank you drawing that i got really lazy one since i was tired and such…it was meant for those who added my art work to their favorites, added comments and subscribing to me), Blood lust, Demon of Throns and Spikes  and Demon of Teeth and Blood (brothers)




Names (new): Blood Lust (recolored), Blade (Scythe’s bro), Seth (just a random guy), Ace of Spades (random dude), Cards, 3 random heads


The world ends with you

it’s this new game a found at best buy. It’s really good too, it was made by Square Enix (who also made Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy). Here’s the website if you want to check it out —-> http://www.theworldendswithyou.com/ and check out my new youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/Fullmetal15Alchemist

here are some random pics that i found on google and other sites.

Dear FRONTLINE, (and a reply)

I know many people have different lives on the internet, like i do. On my MSN i have a normal life but my name is not my real name. My name on there is Hushabye. I have a bebo (3), myspace (3), Gaiaonline (1), Vampire Freaks (1), Emo Bucket (1), Vizow (1) neopets (rarely used [1]), Club penguin (rarely used [1]) and more but i might’ve for got. My life is really different on some websites. otherwise i try to keep my normal life ^_^

Jackie A.


my desktop

a heart

Post on tumblr today

Click here! monster 200 is now up.