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Back again

I cant remember the last time i was 0n wordpress. but ah well, just a quick random post to say hi. See how everyone is doing and maybe change some things on my blog, etc. etc. Have a shyguy :3



Oh my god it’s been a while since i wrote something on here. it’s crazy, my sister is in the 8th grade so she had to make one for the class. And i felt like sayin’ Hi. hopefully people still check in and i hope to get typing on this again.

Dude, i’m like seriously disappointed in my background image (not the one i have/going to have up). The one i was gonna use was too big >.<!!! Oh well, it’s all fine ūüôā

What’s up?

Hey, what’s up? it’s been awhile. How is everyone? High school (for me) is going pretty well. I have some weird but cool friends. so yeah.

New art work and some old…

On my art page (here) and i’ll up load some here too… Names (old): Scythe (main character), Spyder (story character), Photeacyious (a plant for healing and other uses), Thanks (a random thank you drawing that i got really lazy one since i was tired and such…it was meant for those who added my art work to their favorites, added comments and subscribing to me),¬†Blood lust, Demon of Throns and Spikes ¬†and Demon of Teeth and Blood (brothers)




Names (new): Blood Lust (recolored),¬†Blade (Scythe’s bro), Seth (just a random guy), Ace of Spades (random dude), Cards, 3 random heads


The world ends with you

it’s this new game a found at best buy. It’s really good too, it was made by Square Enix (who also made Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy).¬†Here’s the website if you want to check it out —-> http://www.theworldendswithyou.com/¬†and check out my new youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/Fullmetal15Alchemist

here are some random pics that i found on google and other sites.

Dear FRONTLINE, (and a reply)

I know many people have different lives on the internet, like i do. On my MSN i have a normal life but my name is not my real name. My name on there is Hushabye. I have a bebo (3), myspace (3), Gaiaonline (1), Vampire Freaks (1), Emo Bucket (1), Vizow (1) neopets (rarely used [1]), Club penguin (rarely used [1]) and more but i might’ve for got. My life is really different on some websites. otherwise i try to keep my normal life ^_^

Jackie A.


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